The Wind

Sassnitz, Ostsee, Deutschland

Effect of wind on trees, in Sassnitz, Germany.


Exhibition: Smartphone Photography in Art Gallery

Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel artwork will be presented at WikiArte Gallery in Bologna for a collective exhibition, Jan. 4th to 23rd 2014. This is not a simple mixed-media artwork composed by photographic paper glued on a painted canvas, it aims at representing the role of mobile or cellphone photography into the contemporary art gallery system. Moreover it is also a symbolic representation of a journey towards and inside a mixture of dimensions. On a white canvas, within a black windy frame, lay nine photos printed on glossy paper. They were taken during a travel by train from Pisa to Rome through a smartphone camera, and shared on Facebook and Twitter in real-time. The low resolution and low specs of the mobile camera were fundamental, because I wanted to highlight movement and long exposure effects to create a fusion of time and space, a fluid closed container.
I was particularly happy when I knew that my artwork had been selected for the collective exhibition Premio Expo Bologna 2014, because my purpose was to present mobile photography in a classical environment, such as a contemporary art gallery.

Vernice Video, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery
Vernice Photos, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery

Due to better and better technology applied to cameras embedded into smartphone and tablet mostly everyone can obtain quality results and, most important factor, can share it pretty immediately on social profiles. The expression “I share, therefore I am” (cit. Sherry Turkle) is now evident anywhere, anytime: just consider David Cameron, Barack Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie during Mandela memorial service, or that (mostly) anyone can take part to the iPhone Photography award. Smartphone and mobile photography is now considered an artform, but can we consider it already outdated? I am posing myself this question, because Google Glass use is definitely going to redefine photography in the next future.

Some Mobile Photography Exhibitions around the world, past and present:
BW San Francisco – #BWSANFRANCISCO (June 2013)
Mobile Photo Paris (November 2012)
TOrino TRue (October 2011)
Dirk Vogel et al. in Milan (November 2004)

In Fieri

In Fieri

IT – Uno scatto in lunga esposizione per ricordare la creazione dell’opera “Inner Travel”. EN – A shot made using long exposure technique to remember the creation of “Inner Travel” artwork. FR – Une photo faite avec la technique de … Continue reading

Street Lights

Imagine yourself fallen into a dust and smog cloud, horn and tire noise, loud roaring, lost on a median island pretty in the middle of nowhere… If you feel excited about such a situation (I had a lot of fun, indeed, but remember, I’m a crazy one 🙂 ), then you should try taking some pictures like these. Below each photograph, ISO, focal length (for APS-C), aperture and time values are specified.

milla kazimirISO 200, 18mm, f/10 @ 20sec

graffiti street art italy
ISO 200, 55mm, f/10 @ 10sec – Unknown Graffiti Tag/Crew

how to photograph city lights at night
ISO 200,  42mm, f/32 @ 30 sec

long exposure photography highway lights
ISO 200, 21mm, f/18 @ 20sec
During the first 2-3 seconds of total shooting time I accidentally moved the tripod 😀



Ottodix live show @ Exenzia Club (Prato, Italy) on Feb. 2nd, 2013. This live show was perfect to try some new top-secret techniques…….. 😀
Enjoy, so far…
Ottodix (1)

Ottodix (8)

Ottodix (4)

Ottodix (7)

Ottodix (5)

Ottodix (6)

Ottodix (3)

Ottodix (2)

30 seconds

I definitely like shooting using long exposure. For those living in split seconds, such time amount is a whole life! Here I’m posting some results from an experiment, or a game to call it in a more proper way, which involved my Kyra, 28-135mm Sigma lens, a time range of 1 to 30 seconds, an aperture range of f/11 to f/18, ISO 200 and my crazy mind.
I had to wait for my bus, so I first sat into piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (location is Pisa) then at a bar table next to the street, a bridge and the Arno River (it was the same day of the river’s spate on November 13th 2012), sipping a hot espresso macchiato.


50mm f/11 @1sec

Above, the focus is on one of the most busy bus of Pisa: LAM BLU (the Blue LAM, the acronym stands for High Mobility Line, just in case some of you come and visit this city 😀 ).


28mm f/18 @8sec


34mm f/18 @30sec


38mm f/18 @20sec
I know this one above it’s a bit tilted, but I liked the dog so much I couldn’t discard it! 😀


38mm f/18 @10sec


80mm f/16 @5sec – Title of this photograph: No escape


80mm f/10 @5sec


28mm f/18 @30sec
Above, Arno River as a golden silky ribbon. I really love this one. Another example of long exposure photography is the resulting photo which I set as header for this blog.
Some photographs are available also on my Official Website ( Hope you enjoy them!