30 seconds

I definitely like shooting using long exposure. For those living in split seconds, such time amount is a whole life! Here I’m posting some results from an experiment, or a game to call it in a more proper way, which involved my Kyra, 28-135mm Sigma lens, a time range of 1 to 30 seconds, an aperture range of f/11 to f/18, ISO 200 and my crazy mind.
I had to wait for my bus, so I first sat into piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (location is Pisa) then at a bar table next to the street, a bridge and the Arno River (it was the same day of the river’s spate on November 13th 2012), sipping a hot espresso macchiato.


50mm f/11 @1sec

Above, the focus is on one of the most busy bus of Pisa: LAM BLU (the Blue LAM, the acronym stands for High Mobility Line, just in case some of you come and visit this city 😀 ).


28mm f/18 @8sec


34mm f/18 @30sec


38mm f/18 @20sec
I know this one above it’s a bit tilted, but I liked the dog so much I couldn’t discard it! 😀


38mm f/18 @10sec


80mm f/16 @5sec – Title of this photograph: No escape


80mm f/10 @5sec


28mm f/18 @30sec
Above, Arno River as a golden silky ribbon. I really love this one. Another example of long exposure photography is the resulting photo which I set as header for this blog.
Some photographs are available also on my Official Website (www.marymillaft.com/photogallery). Hope you enjoy them!