The sun after a snow storm – Sweden

Winter lake in Sweden

The wind modeled snow dunes during the snow storm of last days.

Winter is though in Sweden. I spent the last 3 days cleaning the yard from tones of snow! But it was a funny alternative workout 😉  and now… a shining sunlight reflects itself on the pure white snow.
Jag älskar snö, och Sverige!


Horribilia silvestria

Milla Kazimir

The Magical Underworld of Underbrush

A selection of disturbing root designs and other imaginative horribilia.
Location: Central Sweden
Used filters: black and white, albumen, cross processing.
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Långsjön i Björklinge

Here you are the fantastic lake of Björklinge, Central Sweden.
There were only me and the birds yesterday… 😀

Långsjön i Björklinge

The lake Långsjön near Uppsala, Sweden

Birdwatching in Sweden

Canada Goose / Kanadagås

Floral Poetry at Botaniska Trädgården

Nordic Sun + Botanical Garden + Digital Camera = …

Milla Kazimir in Sweden

Purple Iris Group in Monet Style

Milla Kazimir in Sweden

Pink head flowers in a white petal sea

Milla Kazimir in Sweden

Yellow lilies and a gourmand bee

Milla Kazimir i Sverige

Smily Daisies


Saxifraga trifurcata


Arno in piena a Pisa, 1 febbraio 2014

Situazione Arno in piena a Pisa: le foto dal Ponte di Mezzo.
1 febbraio 2014, orario 14:30 circa.
Il peggio per ora è passato.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno dal ponte di mezzo a Pisa.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno visto dal lungarno, vicino al ponte di mezzo a Pisa.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno visto dal ponte di mezzo a Pisa.


Existentialism Series

Finally, I created a new page on my Official Website. It’s called “Existentialism” and includes an unreleased collection of some of my photography artworks. LINK: Existentialism

Now the first work is Existence: there are many photos, as well as a poetry in English and French. “Existence” is dedicated to feelings and thoughts, reflections, questions, dilemma about human conditions in post-modern era, in relation to nature (seawater, waves and sunset) and urban places (underpasses, with their typical light/shadow situations). Consider these images as a time suspension, a moment to stay in silence with your inner side trying to feel yourself calm and quite.

“Existence” had to be published on a book, but I couldn’t find anything really affordable regarding print and distribution systems, so I ended up publishing it on Internet, free to everyone with an available Internet connection. Please share to friends, even if they are not connected!
Thank you, reader! Have a nice life!

A day on the snow 4 – Oddities

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Fourth and last post about strange things seen during this amazing trip in Val di Luce.

Funny snowmen…
Smiling snow

I am the King

Simply playing
A ski lift chair


Ice breaking teeth of a snow removal machine


Conversation between two ski helmets…


What? A sand bucket?!

Resort Val di Luce

A warm bath? 😀

Hidden eye

See you next time – it’ll be your turn on the ski, baby… so say goodbye to your camera!!!

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A day on the snow 3 – Freestyle & Children

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Third post is about freestyle and brave children. Few people were using this little snow park, but I managed to shoot some tricks anyway…

freestyle abetone val di luce

Sci freestyle Val di Luce

Pipe Val di Luce

Freestyle Val di Luce

Camposcuola snowboard Val di Luce Abetone

Skiing kid on pipe

Skiing all alone

Conveyor belt for sleds

Sliding on his bottom!

A day on the snow 2 – People

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. This post is dedicated to people and their interaction with skiing tools and the nature.

Learning to snowboard_1

Learning to snowboard

Learning to snowboard

Together is better 😉

Help needed

Help needed?

Kissing the sunlight

Yes, we had hot temperatures on that day!

Heading to the cafè

Hard life… Ok, now let’s go for a drink…

Having relax

Or maybe let’s take a nap and go sunbathing… 😀 (I think she was the most photographed subject of the day)[to be continued…]
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