Inside Stockholm Metro / Artist view

Inside Stockholm Metro, Odenplan

Odenplan T-bana station, T-17, T-18, T-19 line (green)

Stockholm Green Line T-17, T-18, T-19

Odenplan Metro Station in Stockholm

Kungsträdsgården T-bana station in Stockholm, line T-11, T-10 (blue)

Kungsträdsgården T-bana station in Stockholm, line T-11, T-10 (blue)

Stockholm C Metro Station

Stockholm C Metro Station

Ceiling inside Stockholm Metro T-Centralen

Ceiling inside Stockholm Metro T-Centralen

Metro Central Station in Stockholm

Metro Central Station in Stockholm



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Exhibition: Smartphone Photography in Art Gallery

Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel artwork will be presented at WikiArte Gallery in Bologna for a collective exhibition, Jan. 4th to 23rd 2014. This is not a simple mixed-media artwork composed by photographic paper glued on a painted canvas, it aims at representing the role of mobile or cellphone photography into the contemporary art gallery system. Moreover it is also a symbolic representation of a journey towards and inside a mixture of dimensions. On a white canvas, within a black windy frame, lay nine photos printed on glossy paper. They were taken during a travel by train from Pisa to Rome through a smartphone camera, and shared on Facebook and Twitter in real-time. The low resolution and low specs of the mobile camera were fundamental, because I wanted to highlight movement and long exposure effects to create a fusion of time and space, a fluid closed container.
I was particularly happy when I knew that my artwork had been selected for the collective exhibition Premio Expo Bologna 2014, because my purpose was to present mobile photography in a classical environment, such as a contemporary art gallery.

Vernice Video, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery
Vernice Photos, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery

Due to better and better technology applied to cameras embedded into smartphone and tablet mostly everyone can obtain quality results and, most important factor, can share it pretty immediately on social profiles. The expression “I share, therefore I am” (cit. Sherry Turkle) is now evident anywhere, anytime: just consider David Cameron, Barack Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie during Mandela memorial service, or that (mostly) anyone can take part to the iPhone Photography award. Smartphone and mobile photography is now considered an artform, but can we consider it already outdated? I am posing myself this question, because Google Glass use is definitely going to redefine photography in the next future.

Some Mobile Photography Exhibitions around the world, past and present:
BW San Francisco – #BWSANFRANCISCO (June 2013)
Mobile Photo Paris (November 2012)
TOrino TRue (October 2011)
Dirk Vogel et al. in Milan (November 2004)

Les circuits

Les pieds baissent dans la boue de l’obligation, étroits par les ronces de la nécessité, je ne pouvais que suivre la crue, la rapidité mécanique et assourdissant des événements quotidiens.
Un jour tu es mort. Le cancer aux poumons avait englouti toute la lumière des tes yeux, quelques mois après avoir obtenu ton retraite. La même lumière s’est cassée devant mes pieds, en ouvrant un vérité inconnue et jamais imaginée jusqu’à ce moment.
Je ne voulais pas dérailler de la crue pour fermer mes yeux définitivement. Ta mort était comme un ouragan que m’avais lassait nue et vide. Ta mort m’avait donné une nouvelle vie, sur le parcours de la connaissance.
Moi, j’avait choisi, finalement.

Another Life

Les circuits et la crue de la vie quotidienne

Street Lights

Imagine yourself fallen into a dust and smog cloud, horn and tire noise, loud roaring, lost on a median island pretty in the middle of nowhere… If you feel excited about such a situation (I had a lot of fun, indeed, but remember, I’m a crazy one 🙂 ), then you should try taking some pictures like these. Below each photograph, ISO, focal length (for APS-C), aperture and time values are specified.

milla kazimirISO 200, 18mm, f/10 @ 20sec

graffiti street art italy
ISO 200, 55mm, f/10 @ 10sec – Unknown Graffiti Tag/Crew

how to photograph city lights at night
ISO 200,  42mm, f/32 @ 30 sec

long exposure photography highway lights
ISO 200, 21mm, f/18 @ 20sec
During the first 2-3 seconds of total shooting time I accidentally moved the tripod 😀


Kirlian Camera + Hocico @ Orion, Rome (IT)

Some photographs from concerts of Kirlian Camera and Hocico held in Orion club, Rome, Italy.

Kirlian Camera-Roma2-JPEG640X480FB

Elena Alice Fossi, beautiful singer of Kirlian Camera


Erk Aicrag, powerful singer of Hocico

Existentialism Series

Finally, I created a new page on my Official Website. It’s called “Existentialism” and includes an unreleased collection of some of my photography artworks. LINK: Existentialism

Now the first work is Existence: there are many photos, as well as a poetry in English and French. “Existence” is dedicated to feelings and thoughts, reflections, questions, dilemma about human conditions in post-modern era, in relation to nature (seawater, waves and sunset) and urban places (underpasses, with their typical light/shadow situations). Consider these images as a time suspension, a moment to stay in silence with your inner side trying to feel yourself calm and quite.

“Existence” had to be published on a book, but I couldn’t find anything really affordable regarding print and distribution systems, so I ended up publishing it on Internet, free to everyone with an available Internet connection. Please share to friends, even if they are not connected!
Thank you, reader! Have a nice life!

On Shooting Set (January, 2013)

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a shooting with model Genny BlackAngel, a nice and mysterious girl with Latin origins. This set is part of a personal project about human condition and sense of existence. Huge problems, urgent questioning, the sense of life is still an obscure and never-ending labyrinth to me. But the show must go on…

Jumping Genny Genny_White Genny_Green&Cream


Ottodix live show @ Exenzia Club (Prato, Italy) on Feb. 2nd, 2013. This live show was perfect to try some new top-secret techniques…….. 😀
Enjoy, so far…
Ottodix (1)

Ottodix (8)

Ottodix (4)

Ottodix (7)

Ottodix (5)

Ottodix (6)

Ottodix (3)

Ottodix (2)

A day on the snow 1 – Nature & Places

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. The place is called Val di Luce, in Northern Tuscany (Italy), near Abetone. Some pictures of this lovely skiing location…
Val di Luce Abetone

Gruppo montagne_Abetone

Mountains on the left

Comete immaginarie_Abetone

Seggiovia Val di Luce

One of the ski lift facilities. And two people on the top?? 😀

Arcobaleno nelle nuvole Val di Luce

Mountains on the right. At sunset clouds were drawing a rainbow.

Ruscelli Val di Luce

Small river into the forest…

[to be continued…]