On Shooting Set (January, 2013)

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a shooting with model Genny BlackAngel, a nice and mysterious girl with Latin origins. This set is part of a personal project about human condition and sense of existence. Huge problems, urgent questioning, the sense of life is still an obscure and never-ending labyrinth to me. But the show must go on…

Jumping Genny Genny_White Genny_Green&Cream



Ottodix live show @ Exenzia Club (Prato, Italy) on Feb. 2nd, 2013. This live show was perfect to try some new top-secret techniques…….. 😀
Enjoy, so far…
Ottodix (1)

Ottodix (8)

Ottodix (4)

Ottodix (7)

Ottodix (5)

Ottodix (6)

Ottodix (3)

Ottodix (2)

A day on the snow 4 – Oddities

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Fourth and last post about strange things seen during this amazing trip in Val di Luce.

Funny snowmen…
Smiling snow

I am the King

Simply playing
A ski lift chair


Ice breaking teeth of a snow removal machine


Conversation between two ski helmets…


What? A sand bucket?!

Resort Val di Luce

A warm bath? 😀

Hidden eye

See you next time – it’ll be your turn on the ski, baby… so say goodbye to your camera!!!

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A day on the snow 3 – Freestyle & Children

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Third post is about freestyle and brave children. Few people were using this little snow park, but I managed to shoot some tricks anyway…

freestyle abetone val di luce

Sci freestyle Val di Luce

Pipe Val di Luce

Freestyle Val di Luce

Camposcuola snowboard Val di Luce Abetone

Skiing kid on pipe

Skiing all alone

Conveyor belt for sleds

Sliding on his bottom!

A day on the snow 2 – People

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. This post is dedicated to people and their interaction with skiing tools and the nature.

Learning to snowboard_1

Learning to snowboard

Learning to snowboard

Together is better 😉

Help needed

Help needed?

Kissing the sunlight

Yes, we had hot temperatures on that day!

Heading to the cafè

Hard life… Ok, now let’s go for a drink…

Having relax

Or maybe let’s take a nap and go sunbathing… 😀 (I think she was the most photographed subject of the day)[to be continued…]
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My Tate Modern Visions

It’s strange, when I visit a museum my feelings are fighting and I fear of taking photographs (when it is allowed) and rarely I do it. I don’t like stealing visions so freely. But this time, at Tate Modern, something changed, or maybe it was just a matter of WHERE I was and WHAT I saw.
This time I wanted to capture the interaction between people and art pieces.

People and museums

This picture is a perfect window on my photography dreams. I wanted to capture people standing, alone or not, inspired by certain cinematographic scenes, in order to represent the individuality of human beings even into a close group. And that’s the result.

People and museums


People and museums


Painting & sculpture linked.

People and museums


People and museums


Personally, I dislike the way photographs are exhibited into museums, but this is a long story…

People and museums


People and museums

Neon Art

neon art tate modern

Neon Art photography. Location: the fantastic and inspiring Tate Modern museum in London!
Beyond other themes and works, which will be published in the next few weeks, I decided to grab the souls of these pale lights, as showing a parallel world of sparkling elements.

neon art tate modern london

Neon art is particularly appreciated in Russia and Eastern Europe countries. In Warsaw, Poland, you can even visit a Neon Museum.


And finally I tried to capture the swinging light tales of glowsticks bouncing into a disco cloud of smoke, dry ice and roaring music (below).

Street photography of street art!

I love London Portobello Road and its market, the colours, people walking and gazing old stuff on the stands…

Girl, you look amazing with your new Barbie car! 😀

CCTV monster!

1937 to present: please help Spain!

Maybe a lamp style cup tonight?

White Quartz Drops

How Graptoveria looks like in a rainy day…

Ruins of Freedom

One can still hear them charging their rifles and shoot to freedom.

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