About Milla: Geometry obsession

For my safe living, certain types of lines and points should surround me every moment during the day. They are a prove of my real existence and of the existence of things, buildings and living beings. As long as my lens can filter their light and their outline in the space… My visible world is divided in billions points which distribute themselves following lines and circles. Sometimes I see points standing alone, like a hook into the wall seen from far. But it’s a point, not a hook. Light is the first and main element of human life. I exist as soon as I can see myself through light. From the union between light and bunches of molecules, which give a form to substances, materials, the skin, leaves, wigs, or elements, I can imagine a world around me, and see it in different tones.

In my representations I only try to put in evidence basic forms and directions, which escape from the end of the visible objects, drowning within the frame. Mere 2-dimensional scenes are a prove of the tragedy I live every day, when I manage to forget that my body is dying second to second. This is the reason why I love to trap clocks, hourglasses and sundials in my frames from time to time. In the meanwhile I steal pieces of reality, dismount it in blocks, coloured or not, then reassemble them as I like more, even in unconventional appearance of human dimensions.


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