General bio

Milla Kazimir, real name Marila Tosi, was born and raised in Italy, and currently she lives in Tuscany, near Pisa. She has always been a creative girl since her childhood: she always loved to draw and write and cultivated these interests over time traveling abroad in order to see with her true eyes paintings, sculptures and monuments, studying art history and playing with brushes and inks, as well as photographic films. In 2008 she graduated with a Degree in Foreign Modern languages and History of Visual and Entertainment Arts at University of Pisa, then she had been working for 3 years in Opticians stores throughout Tuscany, and in 2011 she got a Master Degree in Specialist Translation. Currently she is working as freelance translator, and in 2010 she started again with photography, but this time using digital tools. In the next future she’d love to focus her time completely on art and photography, creating innovative, but also simple images, directed to the heart of people.

Expo Bologna 2014 at Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna (IT) – Jan. 4th to 23rd, 2014
RossoCinabro Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome (IT) – November 10th, 2013 to February 10th, 2014

Why “Milla Kazimir” alias name
The name “Milla Kazimir” is an alias she chose for some reasons. Milla was taken from the contraction of her real register name (which is Marila Tosi): She should thank one of her university classmates, Alì, a very smart and well-educated boy who came from Congo and couldn’t pronounce so well her real name; and Kazimir was chosen from Kazimir Malevič (1878 Kiev – 1935 Saint Petersburg), one of the most important painter of Russian avant-garde, whose principles have inspired her while building her vision perspective.

Kazimir Malevič, Self-portrait, ca. 1909, Moscow Tret’jakov Gallery.

Milla is available for commercial photographic services for companies, for male and/or female model portraits (beauty, and book/composite), exhibitions (in solo and/or collective), as extra for video making (music, for example), article and essay writing, technical translations (art, architecture, software and engineering)… or simply exchanging ideas about contemporary art!

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