Golden Smokey Make-Up

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On the lid: Smokey Eye Set Catrice Cosmetics (Cosnova) 040 Never Let me Go!
For the shading: Ombres Duo Eye Shadow 1 Moka Caffelatte (Deborah)
Eye Pencil, 600 Black (Kiko)
Face: Stay Matte Foundation, 201 Classic Beige (Rimmel) + Full Coverage Concealer, 02 (Kiko) + Pressed Powder Medium Buff, 225 (Maybelline) + Maximum Definition Mascara, Black (Cosnova – Essence)

Brushes: 5 Brush Set by La Gardenia, Eye Brush Duo by Kiko, and my fingers (index, middle and little) 🙂


After foundation, concealer and eye primer, apply Skin tone Eyeshadow on full lid.
Apply Bronze Eyeshadow also along the crease, starting from the middle of the eye socket, going towards the outer corner.
Using a blending brush, apply Golden Eyeshadow on brow bone above the border of the Bronze eyeshadow.
Using a flat eye defining brush, finish mixing Bronze and Golden eyeshadow. I prefer to move the brush from the border line upwards, but in this case I used round movements.
Apply black eye pencil on the inner eyelid and mascara.


Golden Make-Up

Golden Indian Make Up


Photographer/Model/MUA: Milla Kazimir
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