Strange feline meetings

How to get the permission for a photo set from a cat.

On the way back home, after a sunny day of photo set on the hills and ruins, I found a lovely cat on the road. You know, cat is my most favorite pet, so I wanted to take some pictures with her.

But… I had to wait for permission…

I set down with her for several minutes, while she was been purring and rubbing against my legs and my rucksack. Such a soft fur… with her jade deep eyes…

Then it was the time for some feline shows: rolling up, rubbing against the asphalt, and purring again. After that, she stopped doing anything and stood still: she just seemed to give me the GO AHEAD to shoot.

When she felt satisfied in receiving cuddles, she returned quietly under a car to sleep.

At the end I spent a precious time: I found a fluffy friend on the road, and took beautiful pictures of her.